Oh my word... I am so incredibly excited right now! 

Miracle Thinking has been in thought, planning and gradual action for the last few months, so be to penning my first post after a sudden surge of website building activity over the weekend (which enabled me to get it finished) just fills me with happiness.

I have felt a burning desire to share my thoughts, insights and guidance with you all. With the intention of awakening your hearts and inspiring your minds... and at last I can. 

For those that know me, they have seen the fairly sudden shift of consciousness and lifestyle... for those that don't, this has been an awakening process for me. I was lucky enough to be introduced to an incredible woman (more about her to come) who healed my heart, mind and body with her Theta Healing practice. The experience was so profound, it woke me up to an entirely new life and purpose, and a commitment to follow my heart... walking an unknown path for myself and my boys that would allow us the time and the freedom to experience life together, to be happy, to love and to share this all with the world. 

Embarking on this journey has been exhilarating and scary at the same time. It's not easy to let go of the many ingrained self limiting beliefs, the negative thought patterns and the judgement from others. Not to mention the pain that comes with closing the doors on old chapters in order to open new ones. However, I made a conscious decision and a commitment to myself to create this new life. Each and everyday I endeavour to get know myself better, to love and respect myself completely, to nourish my mind, body and soul with only positivity, health and wellness... and by being persistent and consistent the fruits of my labours are starting to blossom, and little miracles are well and truly appearing in my life. 

When times get tough, and the fear and resistance start to creep back in, I find a quiet place to gather my thoughts and remember my WHY. 

We all have a story, but at any moment in time you can choose to turn your story into a fairy tale. And when are you ready... it's so important to find your WHY. Your WHY will keep you going; it'll be your drive and your motivation to reach your dreams. It'll be what you come back to to lift you up when times get tough. Your WHY should be deeply inspiring and personal to you. What is your passion? What is your goal? How would your life be different if you achieved this goal? What are you willing to do to accomplish this dream? Think about your strengths and your gifts, what you're good at. It's when we start to take action on the things that we are good at and love we start to find love in our hearts, for ourselves and others. This is where it all begins. Loving yourself is the foundation! 

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in our lives.
— Wayne Dyer

So again, hello to you all... I can't wait to share more with you, and have a beautiful day. 


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