Essential Oils & Emotional Healing 

Essential oils provide a deep and powerful tool for healing when used in conjunction with meditation, energy healing or your daily spiritual practice... My aim is to educate and empower you to use oils in a way to enhance, balance and support your experience and emotional healing.

All essential oils are composed of different volatile aromatic compounds. Mint essential oils have alcohol and ketones that are energising and calming. Citrus essential oils have monoterpenes which are uplifting and revitalising. Spice oils have ethers and esters which are renewing and intriguing. Herbs and grasses have phenols which are comforting and soothing. Trees and woods have alcohols which are grounding and balancing. Florals have esters which are calming and reassuring.  

Every essential oils has the ability to elicit a physical response and emotional response, for each oil these are correlated and connected in what they help to do. Scent molecules within the oils trigger different emotional reactions. This then creates a chain reaction in the brain which releases hormones to cause the correlating response. The complexity of this process is extremely powerful and has the potential to even change the nervous system biochemistry.  

Daily Practice 

Each week I will highlight an oil which you can include in your daily practice. The wonderful people at AromaHeal have created a deck of cards which makes using the oils in this way a heartfelt and enjoyable experience. Each card includes 5 different aspects of valuable information: emotional aspects, what the oil can create, a centring thought, an Afformation (different from an Affirmation), and which chakra it balances. 

Emotional: Releases/Infuses - These are the negative emotions that this oil will help shift and replace with it's corresponding positive belief and emotion.  

Creates: This is the overall sense of emotional wellbeing this oil has the potential to create. 

Centring Thought: However you use the oil for your practice ensure that you hold the centring thought during this time and come back to it throughout the day. If you can, take a moment at points in your day to stop, centre yourself, focus on your breathing and reflect on these words. 

Afformation: The 'Afformation' is a question to ask yourself to evoke a response from your subconscious. We often ask ourselves negative questions which creates our repetitive negative thought patterns. Asking ourselves positive questions can be truly transformational, as our subconscious seeks to find the answer within that leads to our truth.*Source:AromaHeal*